• - Inside out and upside down

  • - Baby what's wrong

  • - You don't love me

  • - Take me

  • - What's wrong with me

  • - Trapped

  • - What's wrong with me

  • - In the dark

  • - When the sun goes down

  • - Good bye

  • - Lost

  • - Nut shuffle

  • - Baby let me hold your hand


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Jānis Bukovskis anniversary concert

Ventspils, Latvia

Oct 14 - Oct 14

Janis Bukovskis jubilejas koncerts

Jānis Bukovskis anniversary concert

14 / Oct / 2022

The holidays must be celebrated – Jānis Bukovskis is convinced of this. He invites you to his anniversary concert on October 14th, 19:00 at Concert hall “Jūras vārti” Ventspils, Karlīnes street 40. Tickets available: HERE

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Ventspils, Latvia

07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

What others are saying about LBB

These guys are great. They play with a lot of heart and soul. Very groovy and a lot of blues feeling. Had a great time working with you guys. You are very professinal and kind, thanks a lot for 2 great blues evenings. -Big Daddy Wilson P.S. Lets do it again !
I am so proud of the Latvian Blues Band. 15 years ago, they recorded with my band, Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues. Since then they've backed many of Chicago's finest Blues musicians. These cats can on-the-spot play Chicago lump-de-lumps or make ice cream changes like old Chicago pros! I thoroughly enjoy having them play behind me because they learn my arrangements perfectly. They are true professionals!
I had the most wonderful time playing with the Latvian Blues Band on the weekend of May 27 and 28. They are the Greatest, I would love to bring them to Chicago,. (USA) so that another side of the world can hear them. I love you guys, Thanks so much. I look forward to playing with you again in the future.
The Latvian Blues Band are a very exciting and versitle group that can play anything from lowdown blues to R and B and rock with conviction and fire. They are all acomplished musicians and play great as a unit which is what is most impressive about them. They can back up an artist with minimal rehersal and play strong yet very appropiate backgrounds, giving just the right amout of muscle while still being considerate of the artists leadership.They also have good vocalists within the group and solid songwriting skills which makes for a winning combination.
Listen up Folks! I’m here at the Bites Blues Club in Riga, Latvia and having a ball! I love the people here and the Latvian Blues Band is great! After a short rehearsal we did a gig last nite and the band was able to play everything I threw at them. We played my tunes, old blues, new blues and everything in between and they were in the pocket all the way! I could only wish the so-called blues musicians now-a-days in the U.S. were as good…
My experience with the Latvian Blues Band has been a great experience. They are far beyond their years in playing, and they are nice guys too. I think the future is very bright for these guys. In fact I would not hesitate to play with them again. They are my younger brothers, and I wish them the best. The LBB forever.

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Music Of My Heart

The third studio album

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  • - Do you miss me

  • - Quit you

  • - Turn off the light

  • - She's the one

  • - Creepy world

  • - Music of my heart

  • - Bad habits

  • - Impossible man

  • - Take me

  • - World is turning

  • - Mom's song

  • - How I want to be

  • - Prayer

  • - Learning to live

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