When the sun goes down

The second studio album. Contains 14 original songs.

Produced: Janis Bukovskis and Rolands Saulietis
Recorded: Talis Timrots at Mints Studio, Riga, Latvia
Mixed: Marcus Draed at Mühle der Freundschaft, Bad Iburg, Germany
Mastered: Hans-Jörg Mauksch at Pauler Acoustics, Northeim, Germany
Raphael Wressnig appears courtesy of BHM Productions
Latvian Blues Band is using JZ Microphones
Cover: Neonilla Medvedeva
Design: Lita Zvaigznite
Photos: Aigars Lapsa

Format: CD

Information about purchasing via e-mail → latvianbluesband@inbox.lv

You can buy the album in mp3 format at → itunes.com