Artis Locmelis

Joined LBB in 2009

Born: October 17, 1986, Cesis, Latvia
Best thing about being in LBB: The Music
Musical education: Cesis Music School; Riga Dome Choir School Modern Rhythm Department
Favourite drink: Coca-Cola
Favourite food: Ice cream, McDonalds, pancakes, pizza
Favourite clothing: Appropriate to the said situation
Previous bands: Jelgavas Big Band, Bite’s Blues Band
Favourite song: Too many to mention them all
Musical influences: Ray Charles, Stanton Moore, Albert King, Willie Dixon etc
Song I wished I had written: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
Artist I wish to play with: Ray Charles, B.B.King and many more
Things that makes me cry: The Music
Things that makes me laugh: Myself; a good joke
Things I hate: Violence
Hobby: Volleyball, Snowboarding, Snooker, Computer games, to watch Japanese Anime Cartoons 😀