Janis ‘Bux’ Bukovskis

Founding member of LBB

Best thing about being in LBB: To be free to choose to play whatever I want and be confident that the rest of the band will follow.
Born: February 9, 1982, Riga, Latvia
Musical education: Riga Secondary School #100, Rock Music Department
Favourite drink: Any… must be no less than 40° proof
Favourite food: Caesar salad
Favourite clothing: Appropriate to the said situation
Previous bands: None
Favourite song: Every song I have written :)
Musical influences: Freddie King, Albert King, Duke Robillard
Song i wished i had written: “What a Wonderful World”
Artist i wish to play with: Albert King
Things that makes me cry: Anything when it’s too much
Things that makes me laugh: Bullshit, bullshitters & bullshitting
Things i hate: Obstruction, carelessness, irresponsibility in all forms of appearance
Hobby: Volleyball, basketball, snooker, table hockey, spinning