Music Of My Heart

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just finished our latest album, “Music Of My Heart”. This is our third studio album with two live records and one DVD release feauturing our 10-year anniversary concert.

Album after album we have figured out ways to keep on moving forward. We’re currently celebrating our 15th anniversary, and so we decided to do something different. We’ve recorded all the songs that we have composed since our last album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” which was released in 2010, and we did it on our own.

All of the songs were composed by Jānis Bukovskis and Rolands Saulietis while we toured the world, visited places for the first time, done things that we had never done before, and become inspired by people around us and the things that they do.

We bought the equipment that was necessary to produce the album and started tracking. We ended up with a great album of 14 amazing songs and a few special guest musicians taking part. You’re very much welcome to attend our CD release party March 24 at the Moonshine Club!