New radio single “When The Sun Goes Down”

For good music lovers we have written the latest Latvian Blues Band song “When The Sun Goes Down”. This song has the Latvian Blues Band characteristic sound. Charged mystery, brightness, vibrancy, naturalness, musical perfection and blues tradition – characterized this song briefly.

Does it suggests that “plump” something more? Yes, it does! Band has positive future plans, around springtime a new album to be released in honor of 10 years of Latvian Blues Band existence. A very good reason for blues lovers to expect one more ambitious concert with world famous bluesmans.

Tracks authors Janis and Rolands says: “With the sound of this song are happy all the members of band and we hope that audience will love it same as we do. Long-term cooperation and understanding one another with sound master Janis Zvirgzdins (Julian), gave us the desired sound of the song. It is a reminder that we are still here. We continue to play music actively not only in Riga or Latvia, but also across borders.”